Notice: Pool and Playground Opening May 18 with Modified Occupancy

Playground and Pool Opens May 18 with Modified Occupancy

We got word this week that the City of Kyle’s order closing pools and playgrounds are set to expire and will not be renewed. The playground and pool will be open to residents effective Monday, May 18 by 10 AM. Residents should still exercise physical distancing from people outside of their household and practice good hygiene.
State of Texas guidance caps the occupancy of pools to 25% capacity, therefore the pool and patio occupancy will be capped to a maximum of 37 people at any time. The occupancy limit will be checked periodically. We will update the occupancy limit as state guidance changes. Noncompliance with capacity limits may result in pool closure.
In addition to the occupancy limit rule, we ask that any pool visitors adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Each household should limit the number of visitors in the pool to 4 people.
  • Please do not bring non-resident guests to the pool.
  • Household groups should observe a 6 ft. physical distance away from people outside their household group.
  • We ask that residents limit their time at the pool to two hours, to be mindful of the occupancy limits. Many people will want to use the pool and we ask that we all show continued neighborliness by sharing this amenity.
  • Please note, if you leave the pool reentry may not be possible if the capacity limit is reached on your return. It is important to remember once you leave the pool anyone who is waiting to enter will take your place.
  • Residents should practice good hygiene and if a person in your household is sick, coughing, sneezing, or feels ill, everyone in the household should not go to the pool.
  • Per the standing rules and regulations of the pool, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Thank you to everyone in advance for bearing with the pool’s extended closure. I hope you can find some time to enjoy the pool and the outdoors this summer and I look forward to seeing you all out there.
Thank you,
Cody DeSalvo, President
Meadows of Kyle Residential Community, Inc.
Note: Please also review our current pool rules :

Pool Rules

  1. No lifeguard on duty – swim at your own risk! Neither the Association nor Management shall be responsible for accidents or injuries.
  2. Children under the age of 17 may not use the pool without adult supervision.
  3. Adults should not swim alone.
  4. No diving, No running and no skating allowed in the pool area.
  5. No offensive attire or language. Please respect the Family environment of the community pool.
  6. Boisterous or rough play will not be permitted.
  7. No Alcohol, Tobacco, E-cigarettes, Drugs, or weapons allowed.
  8. No Smoking on the amenities center property.
  9. No people under the influence of drugs or alcohol are allowed in the pool or park area.
  10. No glass or grills allowed in the pool area.
  11. No animals or pets allowed inside the gated pool area.
  12. No eating or drinking in the pool.
  13. Proper swim attire is required. No “cut offs” are allowed.
  14. Meadows at Kyle is not responsible for any articles lost, damaged or stolen.
  15. Safety equipment is only to be used in the case of an emergency.
  16. Residents shall be responsible for paying cleanup expenses, repair costs and damages caused by either the resident or their guest(s).
  17. Swim diapers only. No regular diapers are permitted at any time in the pool area.
  18. No person with skin, eye, ear or nasal infections or communicable diseases allowed in the pool area.
  19. The pool shall be evacuated during lightning or contamination (which should be immediately reported to the Association) for your safety.
  20. Only toys and other pool items designed for use in the water and less than 30 inches in diameter are permitted.
  1. Management Reserves the right to deny use of the pool to anyone at any time.
  2. Meadows at Kyle residents and their guests shall lose pool privileges if the rules are not followed.
  3. Emergency call box is located next to the entrance gate.
  4. The Gate is to be closed at all times. Only Access Card holders are allowed in the pool area.

Conduct Rules

  1. Running and horseplay are prohibited.
  2. No offensive language at any time.
  3. No pets, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc. are permitted within the pool fenced area.
  4. Radios, CD players or stereos may be played with headphones ONLY.
  5. Swimming with an open sore or communicable disease is prohibited.
  7. Any damages or loses to pool property caused by owners, their family members, tenants, or guests are the responsibility of the violating owner.
  8. No littering. Place all trash in designated receptacles.
  9. Use of life saving equipment is for emergencies only.
  10. Owners have the right to ask guests or owners, their family members or tenants to leave the area if they are refusing to comply with these rules.

Honoring our 2020 Grads

Calling all high school and college graduates living in Meadows of Kyle!

In light of the widespread cancellation of customary graduation ceremonies due to Covid-19, Meadows of Kyle HOA would like to recognize the 2020 high school and college graduates in our neighborhood. Our plan is to change the marquee message at the front of our neighborhood with a congratulatory message to include the name of a different graduate each week. We will also share photos of the marquee and any additional information you’d like to add to the community Facebook page. Due to space constraints only names will be shared on the marquee, any additional information provided will be shared on our community Facebook page. (Note: Length of time to remain on the marquee may be more or less depending on the number of submissions we receive.)

If you would like to include your graduate, please submit the form below. The Communications Committee will create a schedule and notify all participants of the time period when they will be honored at the marquee. We will schedule these as they are received and continue through the month of June.

If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Committee at – if you would like to submit your senior photo to be shared on our Facebook page as well, you may send it to the same email.

Thanks and Congratulations Graduates!

Disclaimer: By submitting this form you are giving permission for Meadows of Kyle to share the information provided in a public forum. Students, please make sure your parents are aware and are in agreement. 

Tuesday Tip: Important Reminders About Pets

Today’s tip is all about our four-legged friends. These important reminders will help ensure the safety of our pets and our neighbors.


The City of Kyle leash law requires all dogs to be kept on a leash at all times. (Article II. Sec. 5-38) This law applies when you are walking your dog around the neighborhood, in easements, or other public areas. Dogs are not to be off leash at any time.


ALL animals (cats, dogs, turtles, etc) are required to be registered with the City of Kyle (Article VI Sec 5-185). Visit the Animal Control website to obtain registration form or see details for online registration. This will also help to ensure the return of your pet should they be lost. Note: proof of vaccination is required.


There has been an increase in the number of pets roaming without owners. Make sure your gates and fences are properly secured and make repairs immediately to prevent your pet from getting out. To report stray animals, contact Kyle Animal Control at 512.268.3232 (Note KAC offices out of the Kyle Police Department and this number is the same as the non-emergency line).


If your pet has been lost, you will want to check the various social media sites dedicated to lost and found pets. (There are a number of groups and pages on Facebook, NextDoor is another great resource). You may place signs in your yard and around the community. Signs may not be placed on the mailboxes. Note: If your pet is picked up by Animal Control, they will be taken to the San Marcos Animal Shelter which takes in all stray animals reported in Hays County.


When walking your pets, make sure to carry trash bags to clean up your pet’s waste. Failure to clean up after your pet is a reportable offense and can result in citation of up to $500 by Kyle Police and/or Kyle Animal Control.


Save this graphic to help remind you of these important tips:


Notice: Temporary Changes to HOA Policy During Coronavirus Outbreak


On behalf of the Meadows of Kyle Homeowners Association Board of Directors, I want to thank every one of our members for taking all the necessary self-isolation precautions that are keeping our community and loved ones safe.

In times like this, I’m reminded we are all members of the same human family. Keeping this in mind gives me confidence we will make it through this crisis, especially if we all do our part to help.

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of strain on our day-to-day life making even minor errands like grocery shopping more difficult and in some cases has even resulted in layoffs or economic pressure. In response to the economic crisis that has been born from the Coronavirus outbreak, I have proposed to the Board of Directors and they have agreed to enact policies to try and support each household. Like each of you, the Board is trying to do our small part to help.

Effective today, we will temporarily be halting compliance fines and replace them with courtesy notices. Excessive violators may still see compliance fines should courtesy notices go completely unanswered, these situations will be dealt with by the Board on a case by case basis. In addition, we will not be charging late fees for unpaid HOA assessments (dues). Your assessments are still due on schedule, but if your household has a hard time paying on-time during this crisis we don’t want you to feel the pain of additional fees and penalties. This will have the effect of deferring your assessments until you can make payment. If you find yourself struggling to pay your assessments please reach out to our Manager, Bobby Humphries at to make arrangements or just to provide a courtesy notice of your inability to pay.

Lastly, the Board has agreed to pause all ongoing foreclosure proceedings and will temporarily suspend future enforcement liens and foreclosures.

The Board’s continuing responsibility is to ensure that our community property is maintained, our home values are protected, and your money is well managed. We will assess how best to do that during this outbreak and make adjustments to our approach as needed.

We will discuss these issues at our April 7th teleconference meeting (more info to come soon) and provide new updates in mid-April. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website or email us at

Thank you,
Cody DeSalvo, President
Meadows of Kyle Residential Community, Inc.

Important Notice Regarding COVID-19: Community Response

I have spoken with the Hays County Local Health Authority and at this time Hays County is recommending that all communities take steps to discourage gatherings of 50 people or more. In order to protect the health and safety of our community, as well as comply with federal, state, and local guidance regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)
I have directed Goodwin Management to postpone the pool opening and ordered the closure of the following community spaces: the pool, the park, playground, and the pavilion.
I will reassess these closures in mid-April.
Many people are seeking information about what to do during this situation. There is a lot of information out there and commentators on various cable news channels are not reliable sources. I recommend bookmarking the Texas Department of State Health Services and Centers for Disease Control websites and follow their guidance. I found the CDC FAQ page particularly helpful in myth-busting some common misconceptions about the virus, please take a second to review.
With all of the current disruptions to our daily lives, I know this may not be welcome news to some, particularly with schools currently closed for Spring Break. My ongoing priority, as always, is making sure our community is as safe as it can be. We will discuss these issues at our April 7th Board meeting (which we may host by teleconference) and provide new updates in mid-April. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website or contact us at
Cody DeSalvo, President
Meadows of Kyle Residential Community, Inc.

Notice: November 2019 Monthly Board Meeting

November 2019 – Monthly Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 6:30 pm
Cabela’s Conference Room

The next Board of Directors meeting of the Meadows at Kyle HOA will take place on Tuesday, November 5th at 6:30 p.m. at Cabela’s, located at 15570 South Interstate 35 Frontage Rd., Buda, TX 78610.

Download the meeting agenda:  AMAK-Board Meeting Agenda-20191105.

We look forward to seeing you!

Yours truly,
Board of Directors

2019 HOA Annual Meeting: Election Results

The Annual Member Meeting of the HOA was on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. In addition to updates about the community, a Board of Directors election occurred. I am excited to announce the result:
Josh Freeman will be joining in Board of Director in place 3 for a two-year term
Bill Jandt will be joining in Board of Directors in place 4 for a two-year term.
Chris Harrell will be joining the Board of Directors in place 5 for a one-year term.
The ballots were counted by the Board Secretary Ginny Zink and overseen by a third party who was not a candidate or write-in candidate for office and is a member of the Association. The results were announced by the board President.
Congratulations to all of the new members of the Board!
Please see the ballot count attached.
Thank you,
Cody DeSalvo, President
Meadows of Kyle Board of Directors
Ballot Count



Re-scheduled Annual Meeting: Tuesday October 22, 2019

Can’t attend? Please download a proxy and submit via email to


This is a reminder that our re-scheduled HOA Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:30 pm at the Kyle Public Library (550 Scott St, Kyle, TX 78640). Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in. Meeting will begin promptly at 6:30 pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you previously completed a proxy, it is NO LONGER VALID as new ones have been sent out for the rescheduled meeting.If you are unable to attend, please complete a proxy and designate either a board member or person of your choosing to have your vote. Important note: Previously completed proxies are NO LONGER VALID. Please complete a NEW PROXY for the rescheduled meeting. Download proxy here.

Our HOA cannot legally conduct business (I.e., elections) unless quorum is met, therefore Your attendance/participation is absolutely imperative. Remember, We are ALL “the HOA” so come out and do your part too.

There are three Board of Directors positions up for election this year. Elections will be held at the meeting with nominations accepted from the floor. If you would like to be considered for a Board position, please attend the meeting and be prepared to share a little about yourself and why you should be elected to a Board seat.